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Artist, Professor and Researcher, in capital letters, he is, in large part, who made ​​me understand and love the visual language and taught me to see the richness of the reality around me. Since 13 years old to 20, he accompanied me with his knowledge, experience and passion for this profession; most of this experience was at the School of Art Sanvisens at Portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona, where I fondly remember the afternoons we saw going by through a large window, the music that always accompanied us, the tea break and talks... a wonderful experience of constant learning about art, but also about life.

Editorial project born in 2013 by the desire of the people involved in editing and publishing accurately, with respect for the texts and their authors. I've been happily involved from the beginning, first, with the design of the logo and, then, with everything that made ​​reference to graphic design, layout and image processing.

Mr. Gubianas, artist and teacher at my primary school, Parc del Guinardó, taught me to enjoy drawing, painting and sculpture, encouraging creative ability and exercising with graphic and visual tools.

Two parallel narratives, one visual and one written, to bring you closer to my work. Published in the digital magazine L'ApARTament, number 9, April 2014.

With Mireia we have shared interests and experiences since our paths crossed being students of fine arts.

Artist honest with himself and with his work, who pamper and care it. Also he has managed to unite his artistic work with his daily live. I had the opportunity to meet him at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and I wrote down a phrase of him on my travel notebook, "painting is important because it can say things that not other medium does".

An artist that was introduced to me by Deborah Boardman a few years ago in Chicago -her work has concentrated on self-portrait and flora. The work of one and the observations of the other, respectively, have been essential to me and marked a turning point in my career.